13, 19, 25, 37, 54, 85, 100 & 150 PINS

SHD Roadline is an outdoor, virtually indestructible version of our SVK Series. Inline and panel mount versions. Thicker machined aluminum housing. Ultra heavy duty coupling rollers. Awesome for outdoor environments & burly travel schedules.

150 Pin Inline Male SHD Roadline


____Manufactured in Italy

Turns out it's not a sprint but a marathon. A backstage multipin must deliver top-notch reliability and superior signal performance over a long and arduous service life. The Syntax SHD Roadline delivers this value.

The Syntax SHD Roadline series has been designed for outdoor live performances and broadcasting.

SHD Roadline is extremely robust, built for rugged show schedules and fully compliant with MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 military standards. RoHS compliant.

This upgrade from industry standard 5015 designs has been enhanced to ensure long term reliability and increased number of mating cycles in rigorous conditions.

Bigger coupling roller pins deliver easier mating over years of use.

Rugged neoprene rubber locking ring option protects both audio signal integrity and interconnect investment.

If an aluminum locking ring is preferred, the increased thickness helps avoid ovalization caused by unintentional blows.

Deeper knurling on the hand grip and oversized locking ring brings smooth mating & de-mating.

Heavier-duty everything.

The heavy-duty backshell was designed to ensure effective protection and easy wiring.

All Syntax SHD Roadline connectors are especially suited for outdoor applications demanding IP67 waterproof ratings.

Dust caps - also IP67 - are directly laced to the backshell via a cord consisting of 7 stainless steel strands protected by special anti-scratch teflon tubing.

Different options are available to meet even the most demanding requirements. Syntax SHD Roadline series is supplied in configurations of 13, 19, 25, 37, 54, 85, 100 and 150 pins.

The 100-pin version is quickly becoming very popular in 32 channel digital audio stage applications.

Gold or silver plated precision machine contacts, solder cup or crimp style for 13 through 85 pin. Solder+crimp combo contact featured on the 100 & 150 pin sizes.

Rough. Tough. Durable. The finest, toughest, most reliable road-worthy multipin connector available, period.

Compare features of Syntax SVK/SHD Roadline vs Amphenol China MP-41.

Download SHD Roadline Part Number Configurator (PDF)
Download SVK, SHD & SVS Part Number Configurators (ZIP)