IOL specializes in large and complex construction custom bulk cable.

Our capabilities include:
  • Massive scaling of production when required... and nimble enough to compete at lower volumes;
  • Significant investments in test gear, fixtures & software;
  • Cabling equipment to perform a full range of planetary production;
  • A variety of low capacitance, controlled impedance solid & foamed insulations;
  • Numerous shield types deployed for a wide range of shield effectiveness & applications;
  • Durable, flexible jacketing compounds to meet virtually all environmental and usage requirements;
  • Decades of experience and expertise in custom bulk cable design and manufacturing.

We have built cables comprised of many multiple individual coaxial cables; designs featuring nineteen 12AWG conductors around a DMX core; an uber-flexible cable of 48 individually shielded & jacketed OFC twisted pairs; and, massive custom cables exceeding 50mm (2") in diameter.


  • Agilent network analyzers
  • Agilent Time-Domain Reflectometer 86100C
  • Flame retardant testing chamber (IEC60332.3)
  • Smoke emission density chamber (IEC61034,IEC60754)
  • Oxygen index tester (IEC61034,IE60754)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (RoHS compliant test)
  • Vertical flame test (UL CM, CSA)
  • Horizontal flame test (UL CM,CSA)
  • Freezing test (-40)
  • Water penetration/ingress test
  • Constant temperature and humidity test
  • Other environmental testing equipment

We are a certified ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 wire and cable manufacturer.

Our manufacturing capability and capacity features conductor drawing, thermoplastic compound production, multicore assembly, high speed wire & shield braiding, high speed extrusion, and assembly twisting with planetary cabling capabilities of up to 104 pairs.

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